What is the meaning of Mondarlezo?

Mondarzo   梦的

English pronunciation [morn-da-lay-zo]
Chinese pronunciation [meng(4)-de(4)-lei(1)-suo(3)]

What is the meaning of Mondarlezo?

Mondarlezo is a coined word derived from Chinese words. It is called 梦的肋所, which means Rib Cage of Dreams.

Rib Cage of Dreams is like the rib cage of the human body (see illustration on the right).

The human rib cage surrounds the chest and it enables lungs to expand by expanding the chest. It also protects the lungs, heart, and other internal organs of the thorax. The human rib cage is also a component of the human respiratory system.

Being the Rib Cage of Dreams, Mondarlezo will support dreams, like the human rib cage that supports the human body.

At Mondarlezo, we have motivated and responsible people who have dreams or who wants to be part of a dream. We enable their ideas, creativity, innovations and inner self, and to expand and develop them into reality. We would also protect elements that are part of the ecosystem, like the employees, clients, users, associates and partners, to create a great company that would make Mondarlezo last for thousand years. Mondarlezo is also a component of the Dream's "respiratory system". In another word, Mondarlezo keeps Dreams breathing, alive and conscious.

The human rib cage has 12 pairs of ribs. Mondarlezo also has 12 pairs of "ribs" that made us. We called them MondarPhilosophy.