Past Brainchild

Brief intro

The term “Brainchild” was only used in 2012 to describe 'projects & businesses' running in Mondarlezo.

Our past brainchild was i-Open-House, which stands for Internet Open House. Basically, we were in the business of providing Internet panorama virtual tour service to the real estate industry in Singapore. Over the years, it created a few brands like i-Open-House, REALweb, REALweb Team, REALits Club, myGTA, RECAweb, SEALweb, SgForum, SgUsher, i-Pictal, i-Project, i-Show-House and GoViewing.

On 19th March 2012, all i-Open-House services were discontinued. For more details and the history of i-Open-House since 2001, please visit the new website of, which documented the journey of its existence. Thank you.
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