New Mondarlezo

A little background

In 2012, Mondarlezo changed its business direction. Instead of 'Putting the REAL world into the Internet', its new direction is 'We build great startups together'.

Mondarlezo was like finding its foot since its incorporation in 2003. The whole idea then was to crystallize the concept of i-Open-House, which was to change the way the real estate agents work in Singapore and eventually to change the world...

We promoted the use of IT in that industry, thinking that once that was done, Mondarlezo will move on to the next level. As you may already know, that did not happen. Nonetheless, valuable lessons learned, and wisdoms gained, propelled us to this new direction.

Our mission

This is it:

"To build a Great Company and a Great Home for its people, the Mondarians."

We will work towards a system that will achieve "3 Self" (三自 - san1-zi4) for Mondarians themselves.
  1.  自强 (zi4-qiang2) -  he/she can be both physically and mentally healthy and strong
  2.  自立 (zi4-li4)     -  he/she can be financially independent, and able to do what he/she can be best at and passionate about
  3.  自由 (zi4-you2)    -  he/she can have freedom of choice and high degree of mobility

You may have noticed, if you understand Chinese, there is no 自私 (zi4-si1), which means selfishness.

The goal of the mission is to provide Mondarians a sustainable long term balance lifestyle from joining us to their old age. A place where Mondarians are proud to call it their Great Company and their Great Home. Mondarlezo is by Mondarians for Mondarians.

Our Goals
  1. Build Awesome Products that people want and need. 
  2. Work with Awesome People who love what they do best. 
  3. Create an Awesome Tech Startup platform & culture. 

Our business

In Mondarlezo, we do not see the company and the businesses it owns or manages as just entities. We see People. We see people working passionately with their Brainchild. We see people willing to be part of the team and to build a better tomorrow for themselves and for everyone else.

What we do is to identify, engage and help those individuals in the technology industry, who want to do something great in their life time and to be part of a unique and respected group. We will give them the opportunities, the environment and the chances to do so. They can do it full time, or they can work on it using their spare time. Regardless of nationality, race, gender and where they are living in.

Therefore, our business is "We Build Great Startups Together", with a vision of the world as our market.

We are not Venture Capitalist (VCs), nor are we Angel Investors. Neither are we startup incubators nor accelerators. The below illustration is a comparison slider to show where we stand.

We are like a self help community, a family, of talented people with each of us having our own speciality and dreams, wanting to achieve great things in our life time to improve lives. We create, we invent, we build, we innovate, we learn, we relearn and we do things wholeheartedly and passionately. We share ideas, knowledge, experiences, resources and expertise. All businesses in Mondarlezo are elevated from a brainchild.

Our slogan, song and war cry

The 4 words in our slogan are "Dreams, Ideas, Reality and Business".

Our slogan song (lyrics):-
"We live in Dreams, which are incepted with Ideas that will bring us to Reality and back into the Business. As always."
Our war cry:-
Yes! We are the Mondarians. Yes! We are the Mondarians. Yes! We are the Mondarians!

Our pledge

"We, the talents of Mondarlezo, working together as one global player.
Regardless of nationality, duty or designation,
to build a world class company based on relevancy, uniqueness and relationship.
So as to achieve happiness, growth and continuity for thousand years."

Our set off point and live example

Everything has to start from somewhere, regardless of how easy or difficult it is. Our founder, Jaywin Chia, being a hands-on guy himself, and also someone who walks his talk, has kicked start with his brainchild, iViewhouse.