Current Brainchild

What is a brainchild of Mondarlezo?


A brainchild of Mondarlezo is in between a project and a startup business. Like a startup, it is in its creation, testing and development stage. It may or may not have a revenue generating mechanism. However, it is not a business yet. On the other hand, a brainchild does not necessarily have a start and an end date like a project has.

How it works

A brainchild is initiated and managed by its founder(s). Each brainchild can have one (1) founder, two (2) or more co-founders. Co-founders may join in later. All brainchild founders are the right people who believe in and will uphold with pride our company vision and MondarPhilosophy. They are extremely passionate about what they can do best.

A brainchild may graduate to become a business. It may remain as a brainchild for as long as it takes. Or, it may be terminated, killed, sold or merged along the way.

A brainchild may be fully owned, partially owned or just being nurtured by Mondarlezo. There are no fix agreement or arrangement for the founders of brainchild to join Mondarlezo or for Mondarlezo to take up the brainchild. Nonetheless, founders of brainchild have an option to bring along their brainchild and leave Mondarlezo in the event that Mondarlezo is irrelevant to their purpose.

Presently, we are looking at brainchild that are related to ICT (Information and Communication & Computer Technology). Mondarlezo has no urgency or a quota to hit to start a brainchild. It favours the gardener's approach, over the hunter's approach. Mondarlezo does not play the number game, and it has a long term perspective. At the moment, all brainchild are by invitation only.

How to start a brainchild with us

If you or your group, or someone you may know, who are
  1. in the ICT industry,
  2. tally with our company's vision,
  3. believe in and will uphold with pride our MondarPhilosophy,
  4. want to achieve great things in your life time,
  5. very passionate with what you can do best,
  6. have the knowledge and skill set, and
  7. the will and determination,
please get connected with Jaywin Chia.

Current Brainchild (Internet Panorama, Real estate, Productivity) (Panorama videos of properties)