The story behind Mondarlezo

The story behind Mondarlezo

Its name story

In 2003, the founder was thinking of a name for a company he wanted to incorporate. He wanted the name to be unique and special which can be a global name one day. It was kind of difficult for him as he could not think of one.

One evening, while driving his wife out for dinner, like any couple, they got into an argument. During one part of the conversation, his wife said in mandarin:”我没有这样说.” But the founder mistakenly heard something which sounds like: ”mondarlezo”. The founder asked his wife, what is “mondarlezo”? The wife replied:”what is that, I did not say that?”...... After making up with his wife and they had done with the dinner, the founder went back to the office. He started to think about the company's name again. He recalled what happened during the argument with his wife earlier. Slowly, he coined the word Mondarlézo. That was how the name was born in the first place.

The name story was not made known to anyone until now. The reason being there was no meaning to the name itself back then. It was just unique and special. For the newly defined meaning of the name Mondarlezo, please click here.

In 2010, the founder had an epiphany. He realised that Mondarlezo was heading nowhere if it continued its old direction. So was his life. He went back to the fundamentals and to the drawing board again. Slowly, he penned the mission statement for both the company and himself. And that is, "To Build a Great Company and a Great Home for its people, the Mondarians".

Back then, at age 41, the founder had to "go back to school" to relearn and to upgrade his skill and knowledge. No one guided him when he jumped into the entrepreneurship more than a decade ago. No one guided him on his career path when he was young. Like some of us, he has big dreams and big ambitions to achieve great things in life that will benefit many people. In Chinese, we say someone like him is a "充满梦想, 有理想, 有抱负的人". However, he went through painful lessons the hard way. Therefore, he decided that he should help the youngsters and even middle age adults, who have the desire to excel and are crazy enough to follow their dreams, to have guidance and the environment to plan ahead. In other words, he wanted to help them to set the path of achievement early and correctly. The founder fully understood the pain of starting late and the advantage of starting early.

Secondly, the founder realised that inventors, innovators, creators and builders, (mostly the technical people and the arts people), who wanted to start a business, are trying to be someone that they are not good at, and that is to be an entrepreneur. Instead of focusing on what they can do best, they were doing what they are weak at and thinking that they will be good at eventually. Thus, neglected on what they are good at. The founder wanted to help these group of people to be able to do what they do best, own a business and yet do not need to be an entrepreneur.

Thirdly, the founder was also very much dissatisfied with the way tech startups and businesses are set up, ran and operated. He was able to understand the whole issue in totality as well as in isolation. Hence, he decided to help those people, who wanted to do startup or to change the world, in his own unique way. However, he did not know how to reach there. What he knew was to take one step at a time.

The first thing he did was to define the meaning for the company's name. Having a company’s name without a meaning for 8 years then was enough for him. Slowly, while creating the direction for the company and defining the meaning of Mondarlezo, the Chinese name of Mondarlezo was created. It is 梦的肋所, which means Rib Cage of Dreams.

The story of Mondarlezo will not end here. In fact, it has just begun. Mondarians will keep striving so that the Mondarlezo story will never end and will continue to make the Mondarlezo Dream comes through. Yes! We are the Mondarians!